The Protein Report

Have you ever looked at the ingredients list on the back of your protein or gainer supplement and wondered if all those ingredients are any good for you?

You’re not alone.


In fact, this is exactly how The Protein Report came to life. I have been using different protein powder, pre-workout and mass gainers for almost a decade. But not once did I stop to think about what was actually in them. At least, not until a year ago.

I started to check the ingredients list on the back of my mass gainer supplement out of curiosity. It contained no less than 36 ingredients, half of which I had never even heard of. This worried me quite a bit, and for good reason. In it, there was some questionable substances. I wanted to build muscle, but not at the cost of my health.

Therefore, I began searching for other supplements; looking for products that would help me gain muscle mass safely for the sake of my body. Luckily, I found a couple of them, and thus decided to share them online.

The Protein Report review supplements of the highest standard, containing only the necessary ingredients and nothing more.