Wondering What To Mix Protein Powder With? Get Creative!

Maybe protein powder represents a new form of nutrition for you? Or perhaps you’re just looking for some inspiration? In any case, if you’re wondering about what to mix protein powder with, you’ve come to the right place. 

This article provides you with several ways to use protein powder, starting with how to mix a protein shake. The different ways to use protein powder are arranged by how much time and effort they require – starting with the easiest ones! 

1.Mixing a Simple Protein Shake

Protein Powder Shake

A protein shake is the most effortless way to consume protein powder, and what protein powder was initially intended for.

What do you mix protein powder with to make a protein shake?

The best answer to this question is – Whatever you want! However, the most common thing to mix protein powder with is milk and/or water. 

Preferences vary, but the best tasting shakes are usually made by mixing the protein powder with milk. Any type of milk will do. 

Cow’s milk will add a bit of carbohydrate and fat to your protein shake, and also makes the consistency a bit richer. It’s also good if you’re trying to gain weight. For vegans, and those with lactose intolerance, almond milk or soy milk are two equally good alternatives.

Unsweetened almond milk also serves as a good low-carb alternative. However, the best choice for those who really dread adding extra calories is to mix protein powder with water

Tip on how to mix protein powder: Start by adding the liquid in the shaker bottle, then add protein powder. This way you avoid leaving a clump of undissolved protein powder in the bottom of the bottle. 

2. Protein Powder In Cereal


Adding protein powder to your cereal is an easy and neat trick to increase protein consumption, and at the same time consume a full meal.   

Prepare a protein shake in your shaker bottle and mix it with your cereal of choice. 

Tip: Use milk in the shake instead of water. This ensures that you get the milk consistency that you’re used to. 

If you’re not a huge fan of cereal, you can also mix protein powder in yogurt. Add a little bit at a time, and stir it in. 

3. Protein Powder Smoothie

Smoothie Recipe 7

Protein powder smoothies, like shakes, are quite easy to prepare. Their benefits include a boost in energy, as well as a supplement of vitamins. All you need to get started is a blender and some fruits, and you’re ready to go. 

As for what kind of ingredients you should mix protein powder with, there’s really no limit. You can check out our smoothie recipes for inspiration!

Tip: Use unflavored protein powder to avoid a clash of tastes. Watermelon and chocolate might not be the ideal combination. 

4. Oatmeal With Protein Powder


Oatmeal is great, even without protein powder. It’s a healthy breakfast, full of complex carbohydrates and fiber. Adding a little bit of protein powder, though, can make it even better. 

Fit Foodie Finds is a great source for inspiration, with their huge collection of 50 oatmeal recipes!

5. Baked Goods

Protein Bread

You’ve might have heard that protein powder becomes denatured and is damaged when it is subject to heat? Perhaps it was even followed by a statement such as “You shouldn’t bake with protein powder.”? 

This is not the case. You can bake with protein powder! And even better, the protein will still have a lot of nutritional value after it has been heated or cooked. If you want to know more about this subject, you can read about it in this article!

In fact, using protein powder in baked goods is yet another creative way to increase protein intake. For a lot of recipes, it’s as easy as mixing it into the recipe with the rest of the dry ingredients. Other recipes might require you to replace some of the flour with protein powder. 

Protein bars, bread, muffins, cookies – the list of options goes on! To get started, check out the recipe resources below. 

Recipe Resources

Protein Pow

The Protein Chef

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